Greetings, from a fellow author. You'll find 26 of my books at Kindle Store, Smashwords, iTunes, and Barns & Noble. I do all my own formatting, cover design and illustration (I'm also an artist). I've had a lot of experience, both with my own books and many other people's.

I can format your book. My services to you include:

  • converting your manuscript into ePub, Kindle, or PDF;
  • formatting it to look professional,
  • anchoring the graphic images,
  • installing a linkable table of contents,
  • placing the cover and
  • validating it to make sure it's accepted by places like iBooks, B&N,, Smashwords and Amazon
  • I can also prepare print ready PDF files (cover and book interior) to submit for printing on demand (POD) to services like,
  • And design a cover and/or draw some illustrations
-- all for a reasonable price (see my price list).

My cost For a text only novel of 100,000 words (no illustrations or graphics), would be $69/£59. That would include a linkable table of contents, professional page and paragraph formatting, placing the cover, and making sure that your book is ready to upload to the publishing sites.

I don't just convert your file, I format it so it's up to standard.

To include illustrations, tables and other objects the cost is $1.50 per object.The cost of designing a cover for would start at $80/£67.


"Superb job on my book 'Just One Cornetto' by Robby with great patience on his part. Don't hesitate to take up his hourlie."
-- Keith Mashiter,
Just One Cornetto

"... I had no idea how to go about doing this, so you took the stress out of the whole process for me. I am very pleased with the final result..."
-- Andrew Creelman,
Trying to Understand Brazilian Culture
"Robby's excellent service saves me time and effort, allowing me to get on with the most important part of my job - weaving dreams for my readers."
Samples of my cover design:

































































































































You CAN create your own eBook by exporting it from your word processor

but you might not like what you see

On the left, below, you'll see how a professionally formatted eBook should look like:
On the right, below, you'll see what your word processor would spit out if you simply click on "export to ePub" about you look at the options some more and then pop me an email?

There's the information you need just below:
List of fees (updated 27/07/2022)
These prices are a starting figure only. For a more exact quote, please contact me at
robbycharters[curly "A" sign]gmail[dot]com.


US Dollars


British Pounds

Converting a DOC, ODT or HTML file (up to 100,000 words or so) into a professionally formatted eBook with text only and table of contents. I supply you with either of the following:

1 ePub file (which can be uploaded to Kindle Direct, or Smashwords or any other publishing venue)


1 PDF file (as eBook or POD print-ready interior file)


1 Doc file suitable for uploading to




Additional fee for interior graphics and other obects (illustrations, photos, graphs, as well as special formatting like lists, quotes, poetry, etc.)* cost per object:**




Additional fee for converting to any of the above from a PDF file (depending on size and complexity)




Cover Design with artwork*
(depending on complexity)

Starting from $80.00

Starting from €80.00

Strting from £67.00

Colour Illustration (depending
on size and complexity)

starting from $120.00

starting from €100.00

starting from £100.00

Line Drawing (depending on
size and complexity)

starting from $69.00

starting from €69.00

starting from £590.00

* artwork provided by customer
** other objects, such as bullet lists, side bars, footnotes, links, etc. we'll discuss separately